Remedies for stomach swelling

The swelling in the stomach can result from various causes. The fact that our stomach becomes inflamed may indicate that something is wrong or that our habits and lifestyle is not right for us. If it is specific, we can recognize it and try to avoid feeling, although, in people, it is something that can become recurrent.

There are interesting remedies and ways to prevent swelling in the stomach, which is bothersome and can even cause pain. So take note of everything you can do to avoid this problem. In addition, if it is something that happens often, it is important to consult with a doctor about the possible causes.

You eat very fast

That the stomach becomes inflamed can happen because we eat very fast. This means that while we chew, we ingest more air than we should, so it ultimately translates into gas and bloating. The solution in these cases is to try to eat slowly. We must take our time, always sit at the table and avoid distractions like television, with which we are not really aware of how much we eat.

You eat foods that cause bloating

Yes, certain foods can contribute to our stomach swelling, such as cauliflower or chestnuts. They have components that cause us to generate more gases, which causes us discomfort. If we are prone to it, it is always better to avoid these foods or eat them in small quantities. You can make a list of foods that are not suitable for you to take it into account in your meals.

Use the infusions

Drinking coffee or soft drinks during and after meals will only cause gas and stomach irritation. That is why we must change these habits for much healthier ones. In this case, we refer to infusions, drinks that are very healthy and also have great properties. We can choose infusions such as mint, chamomile or fennel. All of them help us avoid gas and reduce swelling in the stomach. Taking them after each meal will help us a lot in digestions.

Avoid constipation

On many occasions, what causes that feeling of swelling is precisely constipation. To avoid this, we must take foods with fiber such as fruits, vegetables and whole foods. It is also necessary to drink a lot of water during the day, with at least two litres, since this is necessary for our body to perform its functions well. If constipation still persists, we can go to the pharmacy or our GP to discuss the problem and find solutions.

Stress swelling

Stress can cause many problems and among them are stomach upset. There are many people who, precisely because of stress, do digestion poorly and have problems such as swelling, gas or burning. The solution, in this case, is to find the source of stress and try to control those situations. Everything that generates that stress and discomfort must be controlled to avoid further problems. Performing activities that relax us, such as yoga or meditation, can be very beneficial for us.

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