How to strengthen your immune system against coronavirus?

Nutritionists explain the importance of foods rich in vitamins and what you should do to deal with the coronavirus.

No disease can attack us vigorously if we are well fed and consume a balanced diet that includes proteins, vitamins, and minerals daily.

The specialist, a university professor and former dean of the College of Nutritionists, gave the following tips for an optimal diet that strengthens our immune system and allows us to better cope with any disease, including COVID-19.

Proteins to strengthen the immune system

– Fish. The consumption of white meat is essential for every day since it has fatty acids that help boost the immune system. The dark part should not be removed from bluefish, because that part precisely strengthens the body’s defences.

– The meat pieces on a person’s plate should be the size of the palm, and if it is a small child, half. The measure is for lunch and also for dinner.

– The fish egg cup should be cooked in the oven and not fried. This food can help a malnourished person recover quickly.

– Chicken meat can also be consumed daily but without skin. It is not necessary to eat the breast piece only, you can also consume the legs or meetings, but defatted.

– Babies of 6 months can consume liver, but only chicken. Though, from the first year, they can eat beef liver.

– The breaded ones, having more calories, should be accompanied with salads.

– It is essential to consume pork, because it is a useful contribution of protein and also of zinc, a mineral that helps to reinforce the defenses, which in these times is very necessary. But, yes, you have to eat lean meat, that is, without fat. 

– Red meats and beef meats should be eaten only once a week.

– Pig liver is not very well received; however, it is the best source of iron and zinc.

– Nuts and dried fruits also contain zinc, but you have to eat them in small portions.

– The properties of the lemon are better utilized if they are consumed in salads and not so much in lemonades. The ideal is to consume three times a day, for its contribution to vitamin C. 

– Vegetables protect us from diseases, viruses, and bacteria. It is preferable to eat them raw, but if they are cooked, the portion must be doubled.

– Although it also has flour, in less quantity, corn can replace rice. You can eat one unit daily.

 Garlic helps the immune system. Cucumber has high water content and helps lose weight, while broccoli provides antioxidants that reduce the risk of developing cancer.

– It is preferable to consume the whole fruit and not in juices. And the best thing is to buy seasonal fruits, to reduce expenses.

-It is advisable to eat three servings of fruit a day and preferably large ones, such as papaya, pineapple, and watermelon because they have fewer calories.

– A large banana or a large mango can equal two or even three servings of fruit. In the case of mango, you should not exaggerate its consumption because it has a lot of sugar and carbohydrates.

What should pregnant women consume to strengthen their immune systems?

– Women who are in the process of pregnancy should consume three servings of dairy.

– Although many, due to their condition, do not support milk, they can substitute it with cheese, yogurt, or also with eggs.

– Pregnant women should not eat for two; otherwise, they will end the pregnancy with the weight of two.


– Grains are an essential source of nutrients and must be included in the daily diet.

– Quinoa is undoubtedly the best of them, but cañihua is also very nutritious. Its dark color may not be beautiful, but this is precise because of the iron it contains.

– Another option is the chocho or tarwi, a legume, or stew with a large number of vitamins and minerals.

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