How to Soothe Anxiety of Eating and Anxiety for Sweetness in the Ketogenic Diet

Many of us can agree with the fact that the most challenging thing when wanting to lose weight may be cravings. Not knowing how to calm the anxiety of eating and anxiety for sweets is one of the biggest reasons why most women do not reach their goals.

The flood of cravings attacks us a few days after starting the ketogenic diet. This is because when we stop eating carbohydrates, our body uses its glucose stores, and at the end of this reserve, it starts asking us to give it more glucose in the form of carbohydrate foods.

And the worst of all is that in the middle of the ketogenic diet when you are more excited about the change of life that you are beginning to do, there is always someone offering you food that you should not eat. You feel that you don’t have enough willpower to resist. You doubt your ability to achieve it. And you give up!

And then come to the feelings of guilt and abandoning your plan because you think you simply don’t have enough willpower.

It is NOT about having willpower. It’s about knowing what to do to PREVENT cravings and fight them in case they are very strong. So today, I want to share with you 3 things you can do to resist cravings when making a ketogenic diet.

1. Keep you full

You must understand that doing a ketogenic diet does not mean that you have to go hungry. This is not a diet where you are going to reduce calories or the amount of food you are going to consume. It is a diet where you will only change the type of food you eat.

Therefore, the first mistake many people make when doing the ketogenic diet is eating very little because they are on a diet.

The word “diet” is nothing more than a term used to describe a style of eating, NOT a food restriction.

So DON’T STAY hungry. Eat the allowed foods until you are satisfied, and if you are hungry again, eat again. This will prevent you from being too hungry during the day and that your body starts asking you for food that you should not consume.

2. Choose Foods You Like 

Many times people make the mistake of just eating salads or unsafe foods that they DON’T LIKE because they have the misconception that being on a diet means eating salads, broccoli with chicken, or boring and tasteless foods.

And when you are eating only foods that you don’t like, you will naturally want to eat foods that you feel like. Therefore, modify your own dishes to those that are keto compatible. Replace vegetables that are high in carbohydrates with some low in carbohydrates, white flour with coconut flour and almond flour, sugar with stevia, monk fruit or erythritol, or add sauces, butter, cheeses, and many spices.

And from time to time, look for keto recipes on the internet that look delicious, and you want to eat. Eat keto dishes that taste really tasty, and you like to eat, so you don’t feel that you are in restriction.

3. Have Keto Snacks and Desserts on Hand

The same happens when we go on a diet, we think we have to stop eating. We think we can only eat 3 times a day. That snacks are not allowed, and that desserts are out of limits. That to succeed, we have to leave EVERYTHING at once and be completely PERFECT all the time. However, this is completely false, especially when you are just beginning to make changes in your diet.

Success is achieved by making small and gradual changes. If eating keto snacks or desserts helps you fight the craving to eat processed foods high in sugars, then why not eat them?

So it is a good idea that when you get unstoppable cravings, you have the freedom to eat a snack or some keto dessert from time to time, even if you do not lose weight immediately or get off at a slower pace.

IT IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT that you remember to have them READY ALREADY IN HAND so that when you grab a craving, you can immediately consume it without accommodating the temptation to eat carbohydrates.

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