Get a flat stomach with your diet and not just with exercise

An exercise routine will not be successful if a proper diet does not complement it, experts say. A diet is responsible for 80% of the amount of accumulated fat in the body while exercising influences only 20%. If you already have the discipline to exercise regularly, start paying attention to the small details that are beyond exercise, such as eating, resting, and bad habits that affect your results significantly and become an obstacle to achieve the goals you want.

You are what you eat

A very recurring mistake among people who practice sports on a regular basis but do not achieve the desired results is that they do not take care of their diet. 

The Canadian Brad Pilon, an author of the bestselling “Eat Stop Eat” and weight loss expert, explains in his book the importance of eating while following an exercise routine; He maintains the 80/20 rule in which he ensures that a diet is responsible for 80% of the amount of accumulated fat in the body while exercise influences only 20%. So it doesn’t matter how many abs you do, if you don’t eliminate bad habits from your diet, you won’t find results. While exercise will help work a part of the body, this effort must be complemented by reducing fat from intake, says Pilon.

Good habits

One way to start your day right is to have a healthy breakfast. If you exercise in the morning, you can take yogurt, which ingested 30 minutes before your routine, will give you the necessary energy.

The hydration is also a very important factor to be taken into account, remember to drink at the least two litres of plain water a day, especially while you exercise, the hydration keeps you from any kind of cramp and give you feeling of satiety, avoiding you the temptations of those bad habits that you have not been able to stop.

In your daily diet, do not forget to include fruits and vegetables, especially those of orange colour that include fiber, antioxidants, and beta carotenes that will help compensate the effort of your muscles. Carrot, orange, melon, and peaches are in this group and are ideal as a snack to kill anxiety between meals or as a side dish on your main course. And finally, salt and excess sodium will inflame your belly. So avoid soy and look for a low sodium salt in the supermarket.

The perfect equation

Do not despair about getting a flat stomach. It is a matter of time and discipline.

Myatt Murphy, the author of the book “The body you want in the time you have,” suggests following the order daily:

  • Follow a healthy diet daily
  • 20 minutes of cardio 3 to 5 times per week
  • 15 minutes of muscle work 3 times a week
  • 5 minutes of abs 5 times per week
  • Rest well

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