Remedies for stomach swelling

The swelling in the stomach can result from various causes. The fact that our stomach becomes inflamed may indicate that something is wrong or that our habits and lifestyle is not right for us. If it is specific, we can recognize it and try to avoid feeling, although, in people, it is something that can become recurrent.

There are interesting remedies and ways to prevent swelling in the stomach, which is bothersome and can even cause pain. So take note of everything you can do to avoid this problem. In addition, if it is something that happens often, it is important to consult with a doctor about the possible causes.

You eat very fast

That the stomach becomes inflamed can happen because we eat very fast. This means that while we chew, we ingest more air than we should, so it ultimately translates into gas and bloating. The solution in these cases is to try to eat slowly. We must take our time, always sit at the table and avoid distractions like television, with which we are not really aware of how much we eat.

You eat foods that cause bloating

Yes, certain foods can contribute to our stomach swelling, such as cauliflower or chestnuts. They have components that cause us to generate more gases, which causes us discomfort. If we are prone to it, it is always better to avoid these foods or eat them in small quantities. You can make a list of foods that are not suitable for you to take it into account in your meals.

Use the infusions

Drinking coffee or soft drinks during and after meals will only cause gas and stomach irritation. That is why we must change these habits for much healthier ones. In this case, we refer to infusions, drinks that are very healthy and also have great properties. We can choose infusions such as mint, chamomile or fennel. All of them help us avoid gas and reduce swelling in the stomach. Taking them after each meal will help us a lot in digestions.

Avoid constipation

On many occasions, what causes that feeling of swelling is precisely constipation. To avoid this, we must take foods with fiber such as fruits, vegetables and whole foods. It is also necessary to drink a lot of water during the day, with at least two litres, since this is necessary for our body to perform its functions well. If constipation still persists, we can go to the pharmacy or our GP to discuss the problem and find solutions.

Stress swelling

Stress can cause many problems and among them are stomach upset. There are many people who, precisely because of stress, do digestion poorly and have problems such as swelling, gas or burning. The solution, in this case, is to find the source of stress and try to control those situations. Everything that generates that stress and discomfort must be controlled to avoid further problems. Performing activities that relax us, such as yoga or meditation, can be very beneficial for us.…

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7 benefits of drinking water and other water facts

Drinking a good amount of water is vital for your health. Before we see the benefits of water for health, we will review, very quickly, the role of water in our body. The human body is made up of 70% water, depending on the body size of each one (there are variations depending on the person. Do you know that the tissues and organs are mainly composed of water? Then, we show you the breakdown of Your percentage:

  • Muscle – 75%
  • Brain – 90%
  • Bones – 20%
  • Blood – 80%

1) Prevents headache and migraines

Every cell in our body needs water to function. For example, as we have explained above, the brain is composed of 90% water, if not enough water is provided for our body organism, likely, our brain does not work well, and there will be a higher chance of having migraines and frequent pain head.

2) Lose weight

Drinking water helps to lose weight because it helps us to produce the breakdown of fats in our body. Drinking water inhibits hunger, being an effective appetite suppressant so we will eat less. In addition, water has zero calories.

3) Hydrates the skin

Consuming more water will help us look younger since our skin will be better hydrated. Water helps replenish skin tissues, hydrating it and increasing its elasticity. The regeneration rate of dermal tissue is significantly greater when 2 litres of water are consumed daily than in patients who did not reach 1 litre daily.

4) Improves digestion

Drinking water increases metabolism, as it allows us to have a more fluid and less heavy digestion Fiber and water combine wonderfully when regulating our intestinal transit and expelling faeces much more regularly.

5) Reduces the risk of contracting diseases

Drinking lots of water helps fight flu and other diseases such as kidney stones and heart attack. Lemon water is used to prevent ailments such as respiratory diseases, intestinal problems, rheumatism and arthritis. In other words, one of the benefits of drinking water is that it can improve the immune system.

6) Relieves fatigue

Water is used by our body, helping to eliminate toxins and unnecessary products for our body. If the body lacks water, the heart, for example, has to work harder to pump oxygenated blood to all cells, so the rest of the vital organs will get tired much sooner.

7) Reduces the risk of cancer

In relation to the digestive system, some studies show that drinking a good amount of water can reduce the risk of bladder cancer and colon cancer. Water dilutes the concentration of cancer causing agents in the urine and shortens the time they are in contact with the bladder lining.…

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Workout for abdomen at home

This abdomen training at home is a perfect way to develop our strength in the belly. In addition, if we follow it as indicated below, our abs will tone and strengthen in a short time.

However, in order to tone the abs, what is really critical, is to eat properly. If we crush ourselves to train, without following an adequate diet, few results we will be able to contemplate, since in the case of marking the diet is especially important (even more than in almost any other case).

Workout for abdomen at home – Review

Duration: 4 Week

Training Days per week: 2

Material: They are exercises with body weight, so we will not need to have any type of material

Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate

Objectives: Define and tone abs

Workout for abdomen at home – Exercises

The methodology on which this training is based for the abdomen at home, is the same as the tabatas, although it differs in small shades not excessively important. For each exercise we are going to do, we must write down the number of repetitions we do to control our progress and try to beat our own records.

In addition, although we only have to do two days a week for abdominal training at home, we must keep 2 days apart between them, to allow the muscles to recover properly and can develop better and perform more optimally in the Next training session.

Training for abdomen at home – Day 1

40 seconds performing CrossFit abs

20 seconds rest

40 seconds performing Iron

20 seconds rest

40 seconds performing oblique crunch lying down

20 seconds rest

40 seconds performing Mountain climbers

20 seconds rest

40 Seconds performing Crunch

Workout for abdomen at home – Day 2

40 seconds performing Crunch

20 seconds rest

40 seconds doing Abdominal bike

20 seconds rest

40 seconds performing vertical scissors

20 seconds rest

40 seconds performing Iron

20 seconds rest

40 Seconds performing CrossFit abs

Note: As we mentioned above, diet and consistency are the two most important parts to achieve your goal. Diet and training form a perfect union when we want to see results, that is why we cannot ignore the food we eat when we intend to give our best during the exercise session or the race.

Ask a professional if you need a personal plan. Do not use supplements without consulting a doctor. With a complete diet, you may not need them. …

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Get a flat stomach with your diet and not just with exercise

An exercise routine will not be successful if a proper diet does not complement it, experts say. A diet is responsible for 80% of the amount of accumulated fat in the body while exercising influences only 20%. If you already have the discipline to exercise regularly, start paying attention to the small details that are beyond exercise, such as eating, resting, and bad habits that affect your results significantly and become an obstacle to achieve the goals you want.

You are what you eat

A very recurring mistake among people who practice sports on a regular basis but do not achieve the desired results is that they do not take care of their diet. 

The Canadian Brad Pilon, an author of the bestselling “Eat Stop Eat” and weight loss expert, explains in his book the importance of eating while following an exercise routine; He maintains the 80/20 rule in which he ensures that a diet is responsible for 80% of the amount of accumulated fat in the body while exercise influences only 20%. So it doesn’t matter how many abs you do, if you don’t eliminate bad habits from your diet, you won’t find results. While exercise will help work a part of the body, this effort must be complemented by reducing fat from intake, says Pilon.

Good habits

One way to start your day right is to have a healthy breakfast. If you exercise in the morning, you can take yogurt, which ingested 30 minutes before your routine, will give you the necessary energy.

The hydration is also a very important factor to be taken into account, remember to drink at the least two litres of plain water a day, especially while you exercise, the hydration keeps you from any kind of cramp and give you feeling of satiety, avoiding you the temptations of those bad habits that you have not been able to stop.

In your daily diet, do not forget to include fruits and vegetables, especially those of orange colour that include fiber, antioxidants, and beta carotenes that will help compensate the effort of your muscles. Carrot, orange, melon, and peaches are in this group and are ideal as a snack to kill anxiety between meals or as a side dish on your main course. And finally, salt and excess sodium will inflame your belly. So avoid soy and look for a low sodium salt in the supermarket.

The perfect equation

Do not despair about getting a flat stomach. It is a matter of time and discipline.

Myatt Murphy, the author of the book “The body you want in the time you have,” suggests following the order daily:

  • Follow a healthy diet daily
  • 20 minutes of cardio 3 to 5 times per week
  • 15 minutes of muscle work 3 times a week
  • 5 minutes of abs 5 times per week
  • Rest well

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