Checked! Exercising early in the day facilitates fat loss

A study found the best times to exercise according to the routine you have scheduled.

Exercising is necessary not only to be fit but also to maintain good physical and mental health. But it is very common that the question arises: what is the ideal time to exercise? Is it better during the day or at night? If you have ever asked anyone, science has the answer.

Before starting an exercise routine, the body must have energy. Therefore a small breakfast is recommended 40 minutes before the activity with foods that are easy to digest, such as; fruit, oatmeal, or almond milk. In the end, a complete meal should be added that includes muscle protein.

Fat loss increases in the morning

According to a study by the University of Bath, in England, performing moderate fasting exercise is ideal for facilitating fat loss, noting that the body also burns more carbohydrates.

Another study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine examined 65 men and women between the ages of 55 and 80, discovering that moderate training in the morning improves the ability to make decisions for the rest of the day and even decreases the bullying in school cases.

However, when it comes to flexibility, the right time to exercise is advanced the day, since it is more complicated for the body’s muscles to stretch so early.

For people who have a more demanding or intense exercise regimen, it is recommended that physical activity be done at night — taking into account a study from the University of Chicago, which concluded that body temperature and hormone levels reach a maximum level. Of course, this type of exercise near bedtime since the metabolism is active, and it is difficult to fall asleep.

In conclusion, the morning exercise is much better for people who have moderate physical activity, the afternoon is ideal for increasing the intensity, and the first moments of the night will help you if you exercise intensely.

It should be noted that any time a day is perfect for a walk, walk the dog, jog, and even a spinning class. Always remember that at least 30 minutes of activity, good nutrition, sleeping the necessary hours and perseverance will help you see and feel good.

A healthy body is a guarantee for a long and healthy life, so whatever your routine is, make sure to have some spare time for exercising daily.…

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What to keep in mind when buying kettlebells?

The kettlebells, also known as Russian girya, are a training tool increasingly used in all types of routines. However, due precisely to this popularization, there is a great diversity of models available in the market.

Choosing a suitable kettlebell may not be as simple as it seems. Therefore, it is worth stopping to assess its different characteristics according to our needs, such as shape, weight, or material. Here are some practical tips!

1. Hard or Soft?

There are two main styles in the kettlebell style: Hard-style and Soft-style. The first (not to be fooled by the name) is the most classic and simple, and also the most suitable for beginners and to learn the technique. They are characterized by offering an extended handle that allows double grip with both hands, which is very practical for some exercises. So, if you are going to start strength training, these will be the best option.

Soft-styles tend to have more colorful designs, with a narrower grip and a more refined design.

2. The material

When we talk about Hard-style or classic kettlebell, we can find them mainly from three materials: cast iron, plastic, and sand. Review the details of each of them and choose the one that suits you best:

  • The cast iron is the most common to see, and also the most durable and economical. They are made in one piece, and if you are not going to store them or use them in a humid environment, they are highly recommended.
  • The plastic ones are filled with heavier material, such as cement. Its appearance tends to be more modern or striking, although its durability is less than those of iron.
  • The sand ones are easy to transport because they can be emptied, but their handle is not rigid, so they prevent many classic kettlebell exercises.

3. The grip

Not all kettlebells have a handle of the same size or thickness. And as there is also a big difference in the sizes of each hand, it is necessary to test and make sure that we are going to take a model that we can use properly in our kettlebell training.

Check that your hand can close comfortably around the handle, offering a firm grip and without forcing your fingers. Some exercises require that the kettlebell be firmly held or could fly away, risking accidents.

Also, the handle can have different amplitudes and shapes. Some allow a double grip, very useful for beginners, while others are narrower and are specialized for other types of exercises.

Finally, the surface of the handle itself is also very important. Many kettlebells offer a porous texture that some prefer to avoid to prevent the appearance of calluses on their hands. However, these types of textures offer better grip and greater adhesion, helping to prevent accidents that can become very dangerous.

4. Adjustable kettlebells

Although the usual are the kettlebells of a fixed weight, models of adjustable weight have appeared. These kettlebells have a base weight, to which you can add detachable discs that allow you to adjust the weight. In this way, we have a wide range of resistance in a single kettlebell, without having to buy several different weights.

If you have little storage space, they are a great option, although their durability and comfort are somewhat lower than those of classic kettlebells.

5. The basis and form

The body of the kettlebell tends to be rounded with a flat base, offering on the sides a small flat surface. This surface fulfills a support function in many exercises, and it is therefore appropriate that the kettlebell is not completely spherical.

Similarly, the base must be broad and offer solid support. Keep that in mind!

6. The weight

Last but not least, there is a weight in kettlebell training. The most common kettlebell weights are about 16 kg, but there are between 8 and 48 kg. Which one should you buy?

If you are a beginner, a 16 kg kettlebell for men and 12 kg for women is recommended. Of course, this is only indicative and depends entirely on your fitness level.…

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Scurvy, canker sores or herpes? Know the differences

Throughout our lives, we find different sores around the mouth or face, and that are annoying, unsightly, and painful. However, due to the very similar symptoms, we can think that it is scurvy, thrush or herpes, which, at first glance, may seem the same, but there are notable differences between them. Visiting a family practice Doctor, like is recommended to ensure it is not a symptom of more serious medical conditions

In the face of this quite common confusion, in the following article, we want to share everything about scurvy, canker sores and herpes, in order to take the appropriate treatment and not put your health at risk.

What is scurvy?

It is a nutritional disorder that is caused by vitamin C deficiency. It is also characterized by a difficulty in synthesizing tissues, especially collagen.

Scurvy symptoms

It manifests in the skin (with spots), in the mucous membranes, in the teeth, and in the gums. Internally it manifests as an impoverishment of the blood and sometimes produces ulceration and hemorrhage. Meanwhile, during the first, the symptoms are usually fatigue, pain, stiffness of the joints, and lower extremities.

Scurvy treatment

To prevent scurvy, the best way is to consume vitamin C through different foods such as grapes, limes, lemons, oranges, and vegetables (red pepper, potatoes, spinach, broccoli).

For treatment, it is the prescription of food supplements with high vitamin C content.

What are canker sores?

A canker sore is an open and painful sore in the mouth. Canker sores are white or yellow and are surrounded by a bright red area. They are not cancerous.


Sores on your tongue, on your soft palate, or inside your cheeks and burning to feel before it emerges.


– Use over-the-counter medications that relieve pain in the area.

– Rinse your mouth with saltwater or mild over-the-counter mouthwashes (DO NOT use mouthwashes that contain alcohol, which can irritate the area even more).

– Apply a mixture of half hydrogen peroxide and half water directly on the ulcer using a cotton swab. Then, apply a small amount of milk of magnesia. Repeat these steps 3 or 4 times a day.

– What is Herpes labialis

These are small blisters filled with liquid on or around the lips. These blisters are often grouped together, forming spots. Once the blisters break, scab forms on the resulting ulcer. 

– Symptoms

Tingling and itching. Many people feel a sensation of itching, burning, or tingling around the lips for about a day before a small hard and painful spot appears, and the blister comes out.

Usually appear along the outer edge of the lips, where it meets the skin of the face.


Docosanol ointment for over-the-counter canker sores can reduce the healing time of canker sores. Also, to relieve the discomfort caused by a canker sore:

– Try other medications for canker sores. Some over-the-counter preparations contain drying agents, such as alcohol, which can speed healing.

– Apply analgesic creams. Over-the-counter creams with lidocaine or benzocaine can provide pain relief.

Home remedies for cold sores

Black tea

What you have to do is place a black tea bag directly on the wound and rub it for a few minutes. This remedy can help you reduce pain and heal the blister.


Because of the high lysine content that milk has, it converts it into an amino acid that helps accelerate the recovery process of cold sores. For this, simply dip a cotton ball in milk and apply it directly to the wound. 


This food has a lot of antiviral and antibiotic properties that can help us fight a lot of viruses. For this, the ideal is to cut a clove of garlic in half and put it directly on the wound.…

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How to Soothe Anxiety of Eating and Anxiety for Sweetness in the Ketogenic Diet

Many of us can agree with the fact that the most challenging thing when wanting to lose weight may be cravings. Not knowing how to calm the anxiety of eating and anxiety for sweets is one of the biggest reasons why most women do not reach their goals.

The flood of cravings attacks us a few days after starting the ketogenic diet. This is because when we stop eating carbohydrates, our body uses its glucose stores, and at the end of this reserve, it starts asking us to give it more glucose in the form of carbohydrate foods.

And the worst of all is that in the middle of the ketogenic diet when you are more excited about the change of life that you are beginning to do, there is always someone offering you food that you should not eat. You feel that you don’t have enough willpower to resist. You doubt your ability to achieve it. And you give up!

And then come to the feelings of guilt and abandoning your plan because you think you simply don’t have enough willpower.

It is NOT about having willpower. It’s about knowing what to do to PREVENT cravings and fight them in case they are very strong. So today, I want to share with you 3 things you can do to resist cravings when making a ketogenic diet.

1. Keep you full

You must understand that doing a ketogenic diet does not mean that you have to go hungry. This is not a diet where you are going to reduce calories or the amount of food you are going to consume. It is a diet where you will only change the type of food you eat.

Therefore, the first mistake many people make when doing the ketogenic diet is eating very little because they are on a diet.

The word “diet” is nothing more than a term used to describe a style of eating, NOT a food restriction.

So DON’T STAY hungry. Eat the allowed foods until you are satisfied, and if you are hungry again, eat again. This will prevent you from being too hungry during the day and that your body starts asking you for food that you should not consume.

2. Choose Foods You Like 

Many times people make the mistake of just eating salads or unsafe foods that they DON’T LIKE because they have the misconception that being on a diet means eating salads, broccoli with chicken, or boring and tasteless foods.

And when you are eating only foods that you don’t like, you will naturally want to eat foods that you feel like. Therefore, modify your own dishes to those that are keto compatible. Replace vegetables that are high in carbohydrates with some low in carbohydrates, white flour with coconut flour and almond flour, sugar with stevia, monk fruit or erythritol, or add sauces, butter, cheeses, and many spices.

And from time to time, look for keto recipes on the internet that look delicious, and you want to eat. Eat keto dishes that taste really tasty, and you like to eat, so you don’t feel that you are in restriction.

3. Have Keto Snacks and Desserts on Hand

The same happens when we go on a diet, we think we have to stop eating. We think we can only eat 3 times a day. That snacks are not allowed, and that desserts are out of limits. That to succeed, we have to leave EVERYTHING at once and be completely PERFECT all the time. However, this is completely false, especially when you are just beginning to make changes in your diet.

Success is achieved by making small and gradual changes. If eating keto snacks or desserts helps you fight the craving to eat processed foods high in sugars, then why not eat them?

So it is a good idea that when you get unstoppable cravings, you have the freedom to eat a snack or some keto dessert from time to time, even if you do not lose weight immediately or get off at a slower pace.

IT IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT that you remember to have them READY ALREADY IN HAND so that when you grab a craving, you can immediately consume it without accommodating the temptation to eat carbohydrates.

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MCT Oil: What it is and How to Take It to Accelerate Weight Loss with Keto

What is MCT oil, and why is it the best ally of keto-ers? Do you know how MCT oil can accelerate your weight loss? Well, the magic of MCT oil is that it can be converted into ketones very easily and quickly. 

But before going into details about why it helps with weight loss and how to use it, let’s talk about what it is.

What is MCT oil?

The MCT oil is a supplement that is often added to the bulletproof coffee, salad dressings, ketogenic shakes, and teas on the ketogenic diet.

It is a medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT) that is most commonly extracted from coconut oil.

As the name implies, this type of oil contains medium-length fat chains called triglycerides. Due to their shorter length, MCTs are easily digested and converted into fuel (ketones) almost immediately after ingestion. 


Although this article focuses more on the benefit of weight loss, MCT oil also offers many other health benefits that are extremely important that you know.

Among the benefits of MCT oil are the following: 

1. It can reduce the risk factors for heart disease, such as weight and cholesterol.

2. It is an instant source of energy that can also be used to power the brain. 

3. It could help control epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and autism.

4. It contains powerful fatty acids that fight fungal infections and the growth of bacteria.

5. It can help control blood sugar levels and help with diabetes management.

6. It helps the body to enter ketosis to use body fat as energy.

As you can see, MCT oil offers many fabulous benefits apart from weight loss.

How MCT oil helps with fat burning

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) produce ketones more easily (as I mentioned earlier) than long-chain triglyceride fat (LCT). In fact, certain MCTs overlook the liver and turn directly into ketones. This means that once you consume it, you don’t have to wait for the oil to go through the digestion process to be available as ketones.

It is an almost instantaneous fuel!

And as you probably already know, ketones tell our body that it should start burning fat instead of carbohydrates.

That is why people often mix MCT with their coffee or morning tea for an additional energy boost. It’s almost like a “cheat code” that allows them to stay hungry and energetic while getting the benefits of accelerated weight loss through intermittent fasting or the ketogenic diet! 

How to use MCT oil 

So what is the best way to add MCT to your Keto lifestyle?

It’s super easy!

If you have pure MCT oil, you can cook with it, add it to your food, prepare spice dressings, sprinkle it pure on your salads, or mix it in your favorite Keto drinks such as coffee, tea or milkshakes.

But before running to buy an MCT oil or take it, take the following precautions into account. 

Precautions for Beginners

MCT oil is not really harmful. However, there are 2 things I want to warn you about.

1. You should include it in your diet gradually. If you consume it in large quantities or if you are a beginner and have never taken it before, it could cause stomach pain and diarrhea. Therefore, start with a small amount (maybe 1 teaspoon) and gradually increase the dose depending on how you feel.

2. Do not buy powder versions. These usually contain maltodextrin, an ingredient that is used as a food additive but has a high glycemic index, which means that it can cause an increase in blood sugar.

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